Regional health cooperation interventions are centered in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the main challenge concerns the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The initiatives in this area focus on promoting fundamental rights and strengthening public health systems, with particular attention to primary care, maternal & child health and chronic diseases. In the Middle East we promote initiatives aimed at supporting the primary care system and fighting chronic diseases, with particular attention to the socio- economic determinants of health. In North Africa we support policies that encourage social inclusion and the fight against inequalities reinforcing the public health system. In the Balkans the main challenge is to adapt health services and systems to European standards, due to the imminent membership of these countries in the European Union. In Latin America, we collaborate with Tuscan universities in research / action pilots aimed at improving the conditions of access to health services, prevention and protection of the right to health.

The selection of priority countries and regions is based:

on the comparative advantage that the IHC can have in terms of potential and quality of the partnerships established over time;

on the possibility to embrace a critical mass of economic and financial resources in the sectors of interest;

on the significant presence of those migrant communities in the Tuscan territory.